Dear Sports-Loving Students and Colleagues,
As an amateur sportsperson, it is a great honour and also very important for me to fulfil requests in connection withsports. The unified handling of the sports facilities of Eötvös Loránd University may provide us the opportunity to make doing physical ex- ercises a part of our everyday lives. It is an opportunity; as only through our pledges are we able to live a more complete and healthier life with more physical activity. The leadership of the university realised this, and so in 2008 the handling of the sports
infrastructure and event organisation were unified, and more and more events supporting healthy lifestyle were launched; to sum up, it wished to provide services. The staff of ELTE SPORT Ltd wishes to make the range of opportunities wider and wider year by year; they ask and cooperate with the sportspersons of the University and also with organisations which gathered valuable experience in health promotion. They aim to gauge the demands and opportunities of the faculties, sports-loving communities and circles of friends to do sports. It is the responsibility of the management of the university to provide our staff and students with more and more modern facilities which are always in suitable condition. We have to do our best so that our competitors, people who wish to do sports and to improve all the time or people who seek active recreation would never be disappointed. We cannot be completely satisfied today; however, I think we are on the right track. We regard the further development of the sports infrastructure of the university and the expansion of our sports facilities as one of the most important tasks in the following years. The management of ELTE SPORT Ltd. is – and also was before – our committed partner to fulfil these aims.
Sports help create communities; taking part in races or competitions and regularly doing exercises with friends is an experience we wish to experience together and with pleasure in the facilities of the University. I wish to thank the staff of ELTE SPORT Ltd. for their work and also encourage our students and staff to take a step towards healthy lifestyle and visit our facilities more and more often. Let’s meet on the pitches of ELTE!
Best regards,
Dr. Gyula Scheuer


Kedves egyetemi hallgatók, dolgozók! Dear University Students and Workers,
The Senate of Eötvös Loránd University founded our company, the ELTE Sport Ltd. on 24th November 2008 in orderto operate the sports facilities in the trusteeship of ELTE in a useful and cost effective way. With this decision, the sports facilities of the University got into a common portfolio, so the opportunity opened to realise the service concept with a unified approach focusing on the sports consumer. First of all we provide the infrastructural requirements of the educational tasks of the University; secondly, we also provide the infrastructural background of the recreational sporting activities of university students and university profes- sors and workers. Thirdly, the free capacity is offered to guests outside of the university, in order to ensure that with the help of the additional income from the ‘sports consumers’ the services meeting the requirements of the University could be available at a reduced price for the university citizens.
According to these aims, our Company provides capacity (field time) for university cit- izens in five sports establishments – in the Sports Yards at 10/A. and 10/B. Bogdánfy street, in the Sports Yard in Mérnök Street, in the Water Sports Centre, and in the Gym in Tüskecsarnok – for educational, research and recreational sport activities as well.
We provide complete information in a transparent way for everyone about the sports fields and services available, about the opportunity and ways of availability. Our current news is published in the newsletters of ELTE, in the newsletters of the Faculty of Education and Psychology, in the sports newsletter of BEAC, on our website and on our Facebook page.
We employ unified charges settled by the University charge policy; they encourage physical activities and are favourable for university citizens. We do our best to get to know the users’ demands and we develop our sports establishments and our services according to these demands.
It is our aim to increase the resources available for the development of the establishments, thus making conditions suitable for everybody wishing to do sports. ELTE SPORT Ltd. aims to have correct and mean- ingful connection with all the citizens and organisations of the University, especially with the faculties, with the students’ unions of the university and of the faculties, with the trade union, and the different groups of university students and workers.
We regard the active sportspersons of the University that is sportspersons related to the sections of BEAC or ELTE SE or other sports organisations, and the Institute of Health Promotion and Sport Sciences as our especially important partners.
The Company, as well as providing infrastructure for sporting activities, also organises leisure time sport events for students and professors-workers every year.
The Company is the main organiser of one of the highlighted leisure time sport events, the ELTE FIT Night;
we welcome everybody at the next occasion in October 2016:
One of our most important events for university professors and workers is the ELTE University-Collage
Workers’ Sports Cup which is organised next time in five sports in April 2016.
We organise further sports events and programmes for the professors and workers of the university: ELTE May Festival, a summer basic water tour camp for workers, summer language and sports camp for the children of the workers, 5vös5km running race in male and female senior categories, Chancellery Health and Sports Day.
The ELTE SPORT Ltd. wishes to provide the above-mentioned activities in the highest standards to contrib- ute to the health conscious and sporty community of our university.
Dr. Gömör Iván
ELTE SPORT Kft. ügyvezető
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