• grass football field (90 metres by 60 metres) – on this area four small field football pitch (20 metres by 40 metres) can be formed; the pitches have lighting.

• clay tennis courts - five courts are available during the outdoor season from the middle of April till the middle of October; the courts have lighting.

• From the middle of October till the middle of April four tent-covered tennis courts are available for tennis players.

• small football field with artificial turf (20 metres by 40 metres) which operates all year round; the field has lighting. A tent cover makes it possible to use the field also in winter.

• a beach volleyball field (17 metres by 32 metres), sand, with evening lighting; it is suitable for beach football and for children’s programs as well.

• a multifunctional bitumen field (17 metres by 30 metres), it also has evening lighting. This field is suitable for the following sporting activities: streetball, small field football, football tennis, floorball, shooting

• a minigolf course - an eternit-covered minigolf centre with 18 courses which also has evening lighting.