From 21 September 2015 it is possible to use one Gym in Tüskecsarnok for the University. The University entrustedELTE SPORT LTD with the coordination tasks to use and utilize the Gym.

Out of the sports fields with parquet floor in Tüskecsarnok, the Company lets one gym (36 metres by 18 metres).

In the parquet gym all indoor sporting activities can be organised, from small field football to basketball, volleyball and
handball or badminton, for both recreational and competitive sport. It is also suitable for company sports days or company championships.

The parquet gym welcomes all amateur or professional sportspeople.

Five high quality service rooms belong to the gym.



Field Reservation:
during working hours: 06 1 209 06 18 • 06 20 262 4469

Office Manager:
Boglárka András
06 20 262 4469