It can be a special experience to hire a dragon boat in the Water Sports Centre.
We provide a steerer to the dragon boat, thus safe and professional boating and carefree recreation is certain.
You can hire a dragon boat with at least sixteen people, and no more than twenty-one people can travel in one boat.
It is compulsory to keep a tour diary while water touring; on the Danube the traffic rules are valid!
The ELTE Water Sports Centre is situated next to the Soroksár fork of the Danube on the river bank; its features make it ideal for people doing water sports. In the boat storage it is possible to store boats for shorter or longer periods as well.


If you do not have a boat, you can hire a canoe for three to five persons or a kayak for one or two persons. The boats can be used only on your own responsibility and if you have the right water skill test. We provide paddles and life jackets; using life jackets is compulsory on the Danube. The area is suitable for smaller parties or larger family or business team building trainings or other programmes. You can cook or grill outdoors, or you can use a catering service too.







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Krisztina Kaponya Kissné
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